Lofted Barns

The classic barn look of our lofted barns combined with their ample storage space makes these sheds a winner. Every lofted barn has overhead loft space included in your price to give you the storage you are looking for. Lofted barns sixteen feet or longer come standard with a four foot loft in each end for a total of eight extra feet of storage space the whole width of your shed. Twelve foot long lofted sheds have four feet of loft, so you have elbow room to lift your boxes up there. Additional loft space, including side lofts, can be added to any shed. 

Like every shed we build, our lofted barns are made completely of real wood, painted with two coats of quality paint (competitors use one coat—you can see the difference), and have a four inch overhang the whole way around to keep the water away from your walls. Add a ramp and you can park your mower out of the weather. Ask about our skylights with a motion sensor solar-powered LED light that lets you find what you’re looking for day or night. As always, our lofted barns come with keyed doors for your peace of mind. 

These classic lofted barns provide snug, dry storage for all your tools or extras right in your backyard. Actually, we think they look good enough for the front yard too. Take a look! See for yourself!

*Standard Pricing

Size Lofted Barn
8×12 $5,415
8×16 $6,550
10×12 $6,515
10×14 $7,335
10×16 $7,890
10×20 $9,125
12×16 $9,465
12×20 $10,785
12×24 $12,105
12×28 $13,425
12×32 $14,825