Hi! I’m Timothy Bontrager, owner of Bontrager’s Quality Sheds. People ask how I got into the shed business. Well, as the oldest of five, I learned basic carpentry skills as a boy by working alongside my dad in many remodel and building projects through the years. Together my family remodeled four homes that we lived in, built multiple outbuildings, added several rooms to my Dad’s current home, and built the shop where I now build sheds for you. Attention to detail and quality work were non-negotiable with my dad. He taught us that any job worth doing was worth doing right. Build it straight. Built it strong. Build it with the best materials available. We Bontragers did nothing by halves. Quality was, and still is, a focus in every task that came our way.

Family Pic

After several years of consideration and research into the industry, I started Bontrager’s Quality Sheds in 2011. My goal was to build a high-quality shed from excellent materials for a fair price. Through the years, I have continued to modify and improve the shed designs. Attention to detail, excellent workmanship and quality materials remain as the standard for every shed I build. What started as a side business on evenings and Saturdays, is now the way I provide for my family. As soon as my son can walk and work, I will pass on to him what my dad taught me years ago: any job worth doing is worth doing right.


I hope to hear from you soon!


-Timothy Bontrager